• How Google plans to control public transit and parking

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  • Galaxy Note 7: How the Iris Scanner will work

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  • Captain America's Hydra Twist EXPLAINED!

    It's clear that Maude's upset. Her life changed after being put into a different Hogwarts house for the first time in over 4 years.

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  • 5 Sharks You Didn't Know Were Cool

    Hey guys you might know it's shark week but here are a few things you may not have known about sharks!

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  • Black MatteBook: 1 Month Later

    We've been using a customized MacBook from Colorware for about a month. Here's how it's holding up.


  • Was This YouTuber Attacked?

    Istanbul's deadly a terror attack, the recent Calum McSwiggan controversy, and more today on SourceFed!


  • Galaxy Note 7: Here's What's Coming

    There have been nonstop rumors about the upcoming Galaxy Note 7. Here's what to expect from Samsung's next big flagship.



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  • Origin Of Aquaman's Trident!

    Learn the origin Of Aquaman's Trident!


  • One Punch Man VS Hulk!

    Today on Variant it's One Punch Man VS The Hulk! Plus find out who was the first superhero to fly!